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Dental Emergency

Your Santa Rosa emergency dental office understands that a dental emergency requires immediate attention, as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and make every attempt to provide you an appointment on the day you call and to provide you immediate treatment.

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Injuries to Oral Soft Tissues

If lips, cheeks, or tongue have been cut deep from a trauma, the area should be cleaned immediately and the injured person taken to a hospital emergency room for any needed suture and repair. Pressure should be applied with gauze to any injured area to reduce bleeding.

Evulsed Teeth

Rinse the tooth gently(no scrubbing) under tap water to remove any loose debris. Place the tooth between your cheek and gum until you get to our office. If you cannot hold the tooth in your mouth, wrap the tooth in some gauze or cloth, cover it with milk, and bring it with you to our office right away.


Dental infections can cause pain and swelling in the mouth and to the head and face. Antibiotics and treatment of the involved tooth will get rid of the infection. If you have developed a fever or swelling of the upper or lower jaw or any part of the head and face you should immediately be taken to a hospital emergency room for treatment of the infection.

Fractured Teeth

A fractured tooth and crown should be evaluated and treated as soon as possible to prevent further complications. If the broken tooth has a sharp edge, some orthodontic wax from your local drug store can be placed on it to prevent cutting your tongue or cheek.

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